From March-3 To March-3, 2018


Saturday March 3, 2018 8:00 PM in the lobby

All tickets $15.00

Join us in the Williamsburg Players' lobby, as you are transported back to the 18th century tavern of John Rollison. Enjoy a glass of wine, ale, or soda as you meet one of the most successful Founding Fathers of Virginia. You’ll enjoy a 21st Century discussion with this wealthy 18th century man of color who also owned slaves. James Cameron for the past 11 years has spent 8000 hours researching this little known Patriot and the Colonial times of Virginia. He has been acquainting and entertaining audiences throughout the country with the wit and wisdom of this Founding Father. He has performed as Mr. Rollison for The National Archives, Library of Congress, the Smithsonian, Chrysler Museum, and the Library of Virginia where John Rollison was given the title, Patriot of Virginia. During your tavern experience, Mr. Rollison will respond candidly, spontaneously, and with humor to your open questions. You'll find him quite approachable and engaging. His answers will often surprise, enlighten, educate, and entertain you. It's a special event not to be missed!

James Cameron was featured in Next Door Neighbor Magazine in their issue Preservers of History. http://williamsburgneighbors.com/issues/July2010-Themes.pdf see page 18 for story about James.

This is NOT part of the Williamsburg Players' regular season. A separate ticket must be purchased to see this performance.

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